February 26, 2017

Something in the Way by Jessica Hawkins || Make Some Room for Manning!

Something in the Way by Jessica Hawkins || Make Some Room for Manning!Something in the Way by Jessica Hawkins
Series: Something in the Way #1
Published by Self-Published on February 26, 2017
Format: e-ARC
Source: Author
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 327
5 Stars
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It was a hot summer day when I met him on the construction site next to my parents’ house. Under the sweat and dirt, Manning Sutter was as handsome as the sun was bright. He was older, darker, experienced. I wore a smiley-face t-shirt and had never even been kissed. Yet we saw something in each other that would link us in ways that couldn’t be broken...no matter how hard we tried.

I loved Manning before I knew the meaning of the word. I was too young, he said. I would wait. Through all the carefully-chosen words hiding what we knew to be true, through his struggle to keep me innocent, and through infinitely-starry nights—I would wait. But I’d learn that life isn’t always fair. That no matter how much you achieve, none of it matters if you suffer the heartbreak that comes with falling for someone you can never have. Because even though I saw Manning first, that didn’t matter. My older sister saw him next.

Book one in an epic, three-book saga of forbidden love. Book two releases May 2017.

I received this book for free from Author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Last month I read my first Jessica Hawkins book, Yours to Bare, and absolutely loved it. But Something in the Way has blown me away. Swept me up in this tale and didn’t let me go for a single second. I am head over heels in love with this story, these characters, these words. Every. Single. Thing. Angsty and forbidden stories always intimidate me because I know I’m going to be anxious and have a heavy heart for most, if not the entire book, and while I did feel these things, this book is so much more than angst and forbidden romance.

It’s about Lake and Manning who are sheltered and damaged and while there is am age gap between them, Lake has never related to anyone more. Manning actually sees her and understands her. He asks her things that her parents have never. Lake’s entire life has been planned out for her and she’s so serious and focused for a sixteen year old girl and Manning brings out a different side of her. She’s more comfortable around him than any other person in her life. His friendship with her is the best aspect of her life. She only has eyes for Manning.

But she isn’t the only one. Tiffany, Lake’s sister, has her eyes set on Manning as well. And Tiffany is used to getting what she wants. But Manning doesn’t really feel anything for Tiffany, in the romantic, dating sense, but she’s his tie to Lake. You see, Lake reminds Manning of his little sister and he wants to protect Lake, but the more he spends times with the sisters, he realizes that Lake is the light to his sister’s dark. And somewhere along the way, his feelings of innocence and friendship starts to change.

Not that Manning will act on those feelings. He knows how wrong it is and seriously, ya’ll he’s so considerate and smart and swoony, and he will not touch Lake. And as much as he knows he shouldn’t be in her life, he can’t make himself walk away. Manning and Lake are drawn together and they bring light into each other’s lives and my heart breaks for them a few times in this book. The angst in this book really gets to you, I felt so anxious and on the edge of my seat for 90% of this book!

Be aware before starting this book though, it’s a three book saga and this book does end on a cliffhanger. That shouldn’t make you not want to read it though because Jessica Hawkins out does herself with this book! I loved every page of this book, even the pages that brought me to frustration. Also, this book takes place in the 90s (1993) and it makes me so happy!

If you’re a person who is worried about picking up this book because it doesn’t sound like your thing or you don’t do age gaps between characters, give this one a shot anyway. It’s so different from anything out there, so unique, and vivid and life is all about taking chances so why not take a chance on this book?

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